Dunkelfelltanz - Toxic

Welcome to the Dunkelfelltanz, the dance event for those with a darker taste in electronic music as well as a love for the animal inside!

Once again we return in 2018, and this time, we will make you feel the music coursing through your veins: Toxic!

So put on your gear and join us enjoying pounding beats, epic synth lines and blazing strobe lights to shake that tail all night long! Featuring EBM, Industrial, Cyber, Dark Techno, Synth-pop, Rhythm and Noise, Electro and more, we aim to deliver a nice mix of club classics and the latest underground hits. Our three resident DJs Ashur, Cadirr and Ketago will keep the bass pumping! Also this time we brought reinforcements: DJ Timeless Black will make your body move to the rhythm of hard beats! Get ready for March 2018!

As an example of what you can expect, here are the styles our DJs will be playing as well as some snippets (Setlist is in order of lineup):

DJ Ashur: Witch House
Ashur Witch House set example

DJ Cadirr: EBM / Synthpop / Electro-Industrial / Dark Electro / Cyber-Industrial / Aggrotech / Dark Techno
Cadirr set example

DJ Ketago: Mixed dark classics

DJ Timeless Black: Industrial, Cyber
Timeless Black set example

DJ Ashur: Industrial Noise Techno
Ashur INT set example

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